Feed stocks volatilities, climate change complexities, technological challenges and consumer market shifts have been driving chemical, material, hydrocarbon and renewable businesses to seek new value creation strategies. Our practices are designed to support our clients in these efforts.



• Olefins
• Aromatics
• Petrochemicals
• Downstream Products

Fine and Speciality

• Paints and Coatings
• Additives
• Elastomers
• Catalysts
• Water Treatment Chemicals
• Textile Effects
• Surfactants
• Oil Field Chemicals
• Aroma Chemicals
• Construction Chemicals
• Paper Chemicals
• Personal and Homecare

Life Sciences

• APIs
• PFCs
• Crop Protection Chemicals
• Bio Fertilisers
• Micro Nutrients
• Bio Pesticides



• Thermoplastics
• Thermosets
• Composites
• Reinforced Plastics
• ETPs
• Masterbatches
• Compounding


Oil and Gas

• Refinery Products
• Lubes
• Base Oils
• Fuels


Bio Products

• Bio Feedstocks
• Bio Polymers
• Bio Specialities
• Bio Fuels

In our client strategy programs we address the following key issues:

  • What are the new business structures to contend with?
  • What influences competitive advantage in industry sectors?
  • What are the emergent opportunities and threats in the market place?
  • What competitive options are available for the client?
  • What strategic road map is needed for operating a sustainable business?