managing transitions, creating value, enabling growth

We are a research and growth strategy firm with chemical, material, hydrocarbon and renewable practices. These industry segments are in a transition and creating value in a sustainable way is becoming increasingly challenging.

Our engagement with industry segments with a high level of chemical intensity - automotives, healthcare, construction, agriculture, oil & gas, textiles, industrial and consumer products - has enabled us to gain deep insights into the dynamics of these sectors. We integrate these insights with our knowledge of technologies, products, regulations, trade, supply chains and sustainability protocols to deliver actionable strategies to clients.

Our methodology is based on mapping concepts, structuring insights and developing tactical analysis through extensive primary, secondary and tertiary research in target markets. We seek to partner with companies in our practices to help develop sustainable value creation models.

Global research capability: Asia, Europe, Middle East, North Americas

  • Growth Advisory
  • Partner Analysis
  • Product Strategy
  • Customer Strategy
  • Market Mapping
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Supply Chain Analysis
  • GCT Advisory
  • Technology Assessment
  • Regulatory Analysis
  • Training Modules
  • Custom Reports